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ყიდვის გასაგრძელებლად გთხოვთ წაშალოთ პროდუქტი რომლის მარაგიც ამოწურულია
Picture of Macapuno Coconut
Picture of Macapuno Coconut

Detailed Info

This sweet and tropic taste  coffee is heavy body-driven and produces luscious beverage, that makes coffee consumption even more pleasant. Colombia is arguably defined what we think of as “a coffee flavor”. It is inevitable to love fresh roasted Colombian coffee with a hint of Macapuno Coconut. Sealed in a protective environment.

Storage conditions: keep in dry and cool place. Production date see on the packaging. Best if used within 11 month after production.


Coffe machine

Macapuno Coconut

Colombian coffee complemented with macapuno coconut flavor.

Quantity: 12 Capsules
18 C

Flavor profile


Tone of taste

Roast: Medium Roast
Bitterness: 2
Strength: 4
Caffeine in cup
Energy in cup
13 kcal