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Warranty Policy

Warranty rules of "Meama" Ltd (hereinafter "Meama") are developed in accordance with the applicable legislation of Georgia, particularly, the “ Law on Consumer Rights”.

Warranty conditions are valid for 2 (two) years after purchasing Meama equipment, according to which Meama will cover all the expenses necessary for repairing the item, according to the conditions provided in the warranty card.

In case of notifying Meama Information Center (Tel: 0 32 2 800 808; e-mail: info@meama.ge) of the defect within 14 calendar days after purchasing the item, the Meama provides replacement of the item if the defect elimination can not be done as a result of the on-site diagnosis.

In case of notifying Meama Information Center (Tel: 0 32 2 800 808; e-mail: info@meama.ge) of the defect within 14 calendar days after purchasing the item, the customer can leave the item in any space of the Meama for diagnosis or call the Meama representative on site. On-site call service is a paid service. If the defect of the item is not eliminated as a result of on-site diagnostics, the representative of Meama leaves the device for temporary use until the end of the diagnostics of the customer's item at the service center.

Warranty service is provided by Meama Service Center in Tbilisi, Kutaisi, and Batumi - in accordance with the warranty terms.

The repair period of the device in Meama Service Center is 21 calendar days. If the damage cannot be eliminated during this period, the company provides a replacement for the item.

Warranty service is not provided in the following cases:

  • If the warranty period has expired;

  • If the manufacturer’s warranty card is not submitted;

  • If the warranty data in the card  has been deleted or changed;

  • If the serial number on the warranty card or device is unreadable or removed;

  • The device has visual or mechanical damage /defect;

  • Manufacturer’s exploitation and consumption rules are violated;

  • Damage to the device is caused by an electrical malfunction, corrosion of device parts, or dampness damage;

  • Damage to the device is caused by non-qualified repair work;

  • Warranty does not include cables/wires and accessories;

In case of remote purchasing of the item (web-page or information center) following conditions of return are provided:

The customer is authorized to return the purchased item without indicating any reason within 14 calendar days after receiving it, on the basis of prior written notice.

A written notification means to provide the following information through  Meama E-mail: info@meama.ge :

1. Request for return;

2. Date of order;

3. Date of receipt of the order;

4. Customer’s name;

5. Customer’s address;

Meama ensures the transportation of the returned item at its own expense.

The item purchased in Meama space can be returned within 2 calendar days from the date of purchase if the items is returned in unused condition

An item, that does not have visual damage and comes with a complete undamaged set - packaging box, accessories, instructions, and a warranty card, is subject to return.

The customer will receive the same amount of the paid price not later than 14 calendar days from the day of the return of the item and/or receive the document confirming the return.

In the case of purchasing a set, only equipment is subject to return. The price will be calculated with the discount provided by the relevant set and the consumer will get back the discounted price paid for the equipment.

The company reserves the right not to return the paid amount until it receives the goods from the customer and/or a document confirming the delivery of the goods if the goods are returned by courier service.

Refunds are made through the same means of payment used by the customer, besides the case when the customer gives written consent for using another payment method and if no additional costs arise.