Compatibility with both formats
A Machine that is one of a kind
Find your taste
Filtered Coffee
Fruit Juices
Other hot beverages
Other cold beverages
Espresso / Lungo
40 / 110 ml
Filtered Coffee
180 / 240 ml
Intense Filtered Coffee / Tea
180 / 240 ml
+30 sec
Other Hot Drinks
150 / 190 ml
Other Cold Drinks
150 / 190 ml

The world's first innovative, multi-functional, and modern capsule machine, created by the Meama team. Introducing an exclusive product that completely changes the process of tasting various drinks and enhances the experience for all users.

Meama - the only company producing capsules of both formats, presents a unique machine that can craft both European and multi-format capsules. With this invention, we will change the international market of capsules, because you will not find a similar product in any other company worldwide.

Along with a variety of functions, the Versatile comes in 4 colors and features a refined, minimalist design that will fit into any interior, becoming a natural part of it.

About the machine

The Versatile is eco-friendly, made from 100% recycled plastic. By choosing it, you eliminate the need for an additional machine, thereby reducing electricity consumption.

Meama Versatile is ahead of international trends and sets a new standard for tasting beverages. Due to its innovativeness, our machine attracted a lot of interest immediately after its appearance.

The Meama team creates innovative products that take into account the interests of the consumer and provide a simple, comfortable, and convenient solution.