Subscription FAQ

What is Meama Subscription?

Subscription is a new opportunity to buy capsules that offers 6 months of discounted prices, free delivery and free gifts. After activating the subscription, within six months, we will bring you the products you want at the time you want, with automatic payment.

What are the shipping fees?

Meama Subscription offers you to enjoy monthly capsule supply - Free of extra delivery fees.

How long is subscription active? 

Subscription is active for 6 months. During these 6 months you will get your chosen products every month. 

Is it possible to make changes in order? 

If desired, customers can make changes in capsule varieties. 

When is it allowed to cancel a subscription?  

Subscription can be canceled after 3 months from the registration. 

Is it possible or not to change payment cards during 6 months? 

After the subscription registration process, card data for monthly payment can not be changed for 6 months. 

What are the rules if a subscription will be canceled earlier than 3 months? 

If a subscription is cancelled earlier than 3 months, the subscriber is obliged to pay a discounted amount. For example: If a customer cancels subscription at the beginning of the third month, they are obliged to pay the discounted price difference for the previous two months. 

How to change capsule types in order?

To change capsules, you need to log in to the Meama website, then go to "My Profile", then look for "My Subscriptions" and finally "Subscription Details" from where you can select the capsules you want.

How do I deactivate Meama Subscription?

To cancel subscription, you must log in to the Meama website, then go to "My Profile", then search for "My Subscriptions" and finally "Subscription Details", select your active subscription, and click "Cancel Subscription" in the lower right corner.

How long after activating the subscription will I receive a gift?

You will get the gift when you receive the third order after activating your subscription.

Please note that the gift is not included with the order and will be sent separately.