Trade in F.A.Q

In what cases does the machine benefit from the terms of service?

The terms of service apply to machines whose internal mechanism has been damaged during the work process:

Pump; the stove chamber; water heating element; process management block/electronic printed circuit board; Water meter.

The service does not apply to parts that are damaged due to improper use, for example: the consumer disassembled the

machine at home and the part broke, the device fell from a height and the parts were damaged, water was poured into the device, which caused damage, the stove chamber was damaged due to the use of capsules of other brands, etc.

Can I get the 3-year service on another brand's machine?

The Meama service applies only to Meama machines. If you own a machine from another brand, you can redeem the trade in offer on a Meama machine, register your newly purchased Meama device and get 3 years of service.

Under what circumstances do I undergo verification for my Meama machine?

All active Meama users get the 3-year service on Meama machines.

Who is considered an active Meama user?

An active Meama user is someone who regularly purchases Meama products.

For additional questions, please contact our call center.

Under what circumstances do I undergo verification when registering another machine?

If the machine you register has a coffee or tea preparing function, it will undergo the verification process.

What benefits do I receive with the trade-in?

As part of the trade-in offer, you can exchange your machine from another brand for Meama's offer – a multi-capsule machine + 8 boxes of any multi-capsule for 260 GEL, instead of 594 GEL.

Please note that this offer is applicable only after the verification process.

Where can I trade in?

To trade in, visit any Meama brand shop, where you can exchange your machine for the special offer.