Warranty conditions

Warranty conditions

The warranty rules of "Meama" LLC (hereinafter "Meama") are drawn up in accordance with the current legislation of Georgia, in particular, the "Consumer Rights" law.

The warranty conditions apply for 2 (two) years after the purchase of Meama equipment, according to which Meama will pay all the costs necessary for the repair of the item, under the conditions specified in the warranty card.

If a defect is detected at the Meama Information Center (tel: 0 32 2 800 808; e-mail: within 14 calendar days after the purchase of the item, Meama will provide replacement of the item if the defect cannot be eliminated as a result of on-site diagnostics.

After 14 calendar days from the purchase of the item in the Meama information center (tel: 0 32 2 800 808; e-mail: in case of a defect, the customer can leave the item for diagnosis at any Meama location or call a Meama representative on site. The on-site call service is a paid service. If the fault of the item is not eliminated as a result of the on-site diagnostics, the Meama representative allows the user to temporarily use the device until the end of the diagnostics at the customer's item service center.

Warranty service is provided by the Meama service center in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi - in accordance with the warranty conditions.

The term of device repair at the Meama service center is 21 calendar days. If the damage cannot be eliminated within this period, the company will provide replacement of the item.

Warranty service will not be provided in the following cases:

  • if the warranty period has expired;
  • The manufacturer's warranty card is not presented;
  • the data specified in the warranty card has been deleted or changed;
  • The serial number is not readable in the warranty card or on the device;
  • the device has visual or mechanical damage/defect;
  • the rules of operation and consumption of the manufacturer are violated;
  • Damage to the device is caused by email. due to network failure, corrosion or damping of device details;
  • Damage to the device is caused by unqualified repair work;
  • The warranty does not cover cables and accessories.

In case of remote purchase of the item (website or information center), the following return conditions apply:

The customer has the right to return the purchased item without specifying any reason, within 14 calendar days after taking possession of it, based on a prior written notification.

Written notice means Meama's e-mail. To the mail address - to provide the following information:

  1. Return request;
  2. date of order;
  3. date of receipt of the order;
  4. username;
  5. user address;
  6. Meama will provide the transportation of the returned item at its own expense.

The item purchased in the Meama space can be returned within 2 calendar days of its purchase if the item is presented in an unused condition.

Items that do not show visual damage and are accompanied by a complete undamaged set - packing box, accessories, instructions and warranty card - are subject to return.

The customer will receive an amount equal to the paid price no later than 14 calendar days after returning the item and/or receiving the document confirming the return.

If you purchase a set, only the hardware is eligible for return. The price will be calculated with the discount provided by the relevant kit and the discounted price paid for the equipment will be returned to the customer.

The company reserves the right not to return the paid amount until it receives the goods and/or a document confirming the shipment of the goods from the customer, if the goods are returned via a courier service.

Refunds are made using the same means of payment that the customer used, unless the customer gives written consent to use another payment method and it does not incur additional costs.


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