Warranty conditions

Warranty conditions

I have received the device in flawless condition. I have reviewed and agree to the warranty terms. I undertake to follow the requirements presented in the operation manual and warranty conditions.

Information Service: 032 2800808; *0808

Warranty: 3 years

Please open the device in the presence of a representative from Meama to avoid discovering defects immediately upon opening.

Warranty service is not provided in the following cases:

  • If the warranty period has expired;
  • If the serial number of the device is not registered electronically;
  • If the serial number on the user's warranty field or device is unreadable/peeled off;
  • If the device has visual or mechanical damage/defects;
  • If the manufacturer's operation and usage rules are violated;
  • Due to malfunctions in the electrical network, corrosion or moisture damage to device parts;
  • If the device is damaged as a result of unqualified repair work;
  • The warranty does not cover cables and accessories;

Conditions for returning or exchanging the device

  • If a factory defect is discovered within 14 calendar days of purchasing the item, please call the information center at 0322800808. The device will be replaced under appropriate conditions.
  • An item purchased in the Meama space can be returned within 2 calendar days of purchase if the item is presented in an unused condition.
  • An item purchased remotely can be returned with prior agreement with the information center at 0322800808.
  • The repair period for the item is set at 21 calendar days. If the device cannot be repaired within this period, the company will ensure a replacement under appropriate conditions.
  • In case of replacement and/or return, it is necessary to present the full undamaged set of the purchased item - packaging box, accessories, instructions.