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ყიდვის გასაგრძელებლად გთხოვთ წაშალოთ პროდუქტი რომლის მარაგიც ამოწურულია

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What’s the difference between European and American format coffee?

Meama European format capsules are used for making intense, frothy coffee in a small cup - espresso (40ml) and lungo (110ml). 11 unique coffee capsules are presented in European format. They differ from each other by various intensities, as well as taste and aroma.

Large volumes (180ml and 240 ml) of filtered coffee are made in American format capsules. Meama American format capsules combine 10 distinctive coffee flavors. In addition to coffee capsules, we offer 9 unique tea blends in American format.

When and how will the online order be delivered on the spot?

Requested orders will arrive within 2 working days. Delivery service is free in Tbilisi, Batumi, and Kutaisi. In regions delivery costs on orders that are less than 75₾ are covered by the customer. The delivery price depends on the weight of the order and delivery location. Delivery costs on orders more than 75₾ are covered by Meama.

How often is it recommended to clean the coffee machine?

In order to consistently get the high quality taste of coffee and tea, it is recommended to clean your coffee machine with special cleaning products once every month. Special cleaning capsule cleans the machine’s brewing pipe from the sediment of coffee’s oils. Skelaris, which is a special cleaning powder, cleans the whole system of the machine from the water’s patina. To get the cleanest and the most aromatic taste as possible, it is recommended to use Meama’s coffee capsules. Using other brands’ capsules might cause damage to the coffee machine.

What services can I get during the warranty period?

Meama coffee machines have a 1 year of warranty period.

During two days after the purchase, if the coffee machine has an industrial defect, we will change the machine with the new one, according to the appropriate terms and conditions. In our service center, the maximum amount of time to fix the machine is 21 days. If during this time our technicians can’t find any industrial defect of the coffee machine, Meama will change the machine with the new one. It is free to fix the coffee machine in Meama service center for one year after the purchase.